WTT my 'orginal sega' 2pl control panel fully loaded with sanwa for

  1. hacked with qds dual 360 and ps3 pcbs.

So you want to trade for 1 ps3 board and 1 xbox 360 wired together with quick disconnects?

Where are you in norcal/socal? I’m interested.

think he wants 3

Ohhh, that makes a lot more sense, haha.

So what PlayStation 3 Controller PCB do you know that are Common Ground and are not from TE or HRAP or other Arcade Sticks?
Because adding Transistors and Resistors to non-Common Ground PCB, is you know.

Unless you want to use three Cthulhu.

Wouldn’t 3 paewang pcbs be good?



I understand what you’re asking for, but you might want to be a little more specific.

That way if someone comes in and says “I have 2 Paewang Revolutions and 1 ChIMP… I wonder if he’ll take these?”, they will know right away. Consider listing the exact pcb’s you’re looking for.

If you just want pcb’s, I have 3 360 controller PCB’s and 3 Converters, with a bag of 100 QD’s… I doubt you’d want to take that though, right?

^read it again, i said ‘hacked’ that should be very understandable. Anyways its on hold for now. Thanks!