WTT: my PS3 TE stick for your 360 TE stick

I have a PS3 TE stick (the original design), it’s in excellent condition and works perfectly. Hasn’t been modded in any way or opened up. It’s clean, not scratched up, doesn’t smell like cigarettes, or have any negatives like that.

I’m looking to trade for a 360 TE stick. Any design is fine as long as the stick works. I’d be willing to pay a little bit extra if the stick has one of Art’s plexi tops (the size that fits with the bezel), clear Seimitsu buttons, or any other nice extras… not that I expect to find a trade like that though, a straight up even trade is what I’m hoping to find.


He already traded his.

May I ask why you want to trade it?
I could mod it for you, if you were interested, I can meet you in Richmond at Strange Matter or something one of these days.

text me if you’re interested (404)-MAG-NETO

Would you be interested in a all sanwa HRAP EX for xbox 360?

Heya, I have a 360 TE Stick in great condition that I’ve been looking to trade for a PS3 TE Stick in similar condition. I have the original packaging and whatnot. I also have pictures available if you’re interested. Lemme know, thanks. =]

I can vouch for MidnightKur0. I’ve helped him with a few of his transactions, thorough and no BS. In good hands.

Is this still available? my thread --> http://www.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=224985