WTT: My XRGB2+ for your XRGB2 non plus Also WTS/WTT Xbox360/Fat ps2

See topic.

I have the original box + all the original cables (most of them still sealed) + the manual.

All I ask is that you have the xrgb2 and a power cable/monitor cable.

Reason I am seeking this trade: I want the pcb switch that is on the non plus model. You get the benefits of all the stuff on the newer version.

I also have an xbox360 20 gig system for sale/trade. With 1 wireless controller + rechargeable battery pack and 1 wired controller. This is not a falcon motherboard system. I will sell it for $200. I’ll try to post some pictures at some point.

Also have a Fat ps2 with 120 Gig Drive:

$100 Shipped or will trade. Includes hdadvance discs. This is NOT a modded system though it is running the memory card exploit.


2 pads
component Av cable as well as composite av cable
optical sound cable
hdadvance discs.
2 memory cards
FFT PS1 (Gh version) <-- this is the boot disc for the mem card exploit.
Again this system is not modded at all.

Things I am looking for in trade:

arcade pcbs:
Vampire Savior cps2
sfalpha 3 cps2
naomi hardware with gdrom
Super turbo pcb
Twinkle star sprites (mvs - will accept a working bootleg)
kof2002 mvs
Garou MVS
samurai showdown 2 mvs
Cps2 A board

sanwa jlf with mounting plate
sanwa flash knockoffs by ascii

Would you mind selling the XRGB?

I need one or the other so I can still play games on my HDTV, so I’m not willing to sell the XRGB2+ loose. Sorry about that, I know it is a sought after item.

NP good luck though ^^

What does this particular non-plus model pcb do? I have an xrgb3, not sure if it has what you are looking for.

xrgb2 has a switch that will switch it into pcb mode. This switch was removed from all later models. The switch allows it to sync better with arcade pcbs which sometimes have really wierd resolutions or sync rates.


Its the switch near the bottom right that says ‘rgb pcb / STD’

I’m pretty sure the switch only affects RGB levels, leaving the sync untouched. The same could be accomplished by adding a resistors to the cable between your PCB and XRGB unit.

Well if that’s really the case I’m pretty much screwed as far as trying to play any of my PCBs with wierd sync rates on my hdtv or any of my monitors. I really don’t have space for keeping a Tube TV around anymore which was why I was trying to go the way of this solution.

Bump prices dropped. This will be my final price drop before these things go on ebay.