WTT: Namco stick (PICTURES ADDED) + Pelican Converter FTW

Ok so I got this namco stick and wanted to know if someone wants to trade. Im looking for a working TE preferably 360 so I can mod it with a Cthulhu but a PS3 one will do. The top is in great condition with no dents or rust on it. The bottom plate has a little bit of rust going on. If people are interested Ill post some pictures of it. Pm me if you want more info.

willing to sell it og?

I?ll have to think about it. Want to see if someone wants to trade. I really want a TE

Adding picture of the stick, is someone interested?


I got a SE with sanwa if you want that… :confused:

Not really looking for a SE case but thanks for the offer. Locks like I?ll have to throw in a converter to see if it gets more people interested.

unless someone wants it for collectors purposes dont think your gonna get a TE for this. I mean these things are hard as fuck to mod as it is unlike the TE.

just my 2 cents :slight_smile:

Perhaps offering cash + the Namco would help you… The Namco is a good stick, but it usually fetches about 50-60 in the condition yours is in (70-80 for a mint one). TEs go for 90-120 depending on condition and version.

What if I throw in a Pelican PS2 to PS3 converter?
That?s right I?m throwing in a working PS2 to PS3 Pelican converter to whoever is interested.

not to be be a douchebag ( and I apologize if I sound like one.) But adding the converter wont make a difference, in the end its still a Stock Namco stick. I suggest doing what clembo2021 says.

na u can get about 65 to 70 for the namco ez you have right there and 30-35 for the pelican ez u can sell both and buy a new te


there on sale for a 100 with free shipping id get it now b4 they go back up

and ps the namco’s feel like sanwa already no need to be modded just put a new sping and ur good

No need to apologize after all you?re the guys that have helped me and know all about this stuff guess I?ll have to sell them separately and buy the TE at amazon thanks for pointing that out ibeatu.