WTT/ Neogeo pad for PS2 Saturn pad

WTT/ Boxed Neogeo pad for a
Sega Saturn Pad for Playstation 2

I have a purple darkstalkers PS2 saturn Pad. Boxed with art cards etc.
Im in the UK though.
Would like the T4.
Have to see what shipping will be.
LMK if you are interested.

If you ever want to sell your Neogeo pad, I’ll buy it. I’ve been looking for one for a while now. Thanks.

If you don’t trade the T4 stick, I’d be interested in purchasing it from you.

Would a Sege Saturn styled pad suffice ? I have a SF II 15th pad.

Is the NG pad the ps2 one and would you be willing to sell it?

Edit: Is the pad unused?

I have three NeoGeo pads One unused one used once and the other one just looks new,
I only have this things for collection, I am Stick player.

Which is NeoGeo Pads on PS2 or NEOGEO AES?

Do you have a Tekken 4 stick?

I ship the Stick to Laurie47 all ready, and yes it is a neogeo pad for PS2.