WTT: New Happ/iL Custom for Sanwa JLF/buttons. Have other stuff too!

Hey guys. I’m looking to trade something for a Sanwa or Seimitsu Joystick, and at least 6 buttons.

(Listed in order of importance)

My preferred stick is the Sanwa JLF-TP-8T, or Seimitsu LS-32. I don’t care which color ball is on it, because I will be replacing it anyway.

My preferred buttons are Sanwa OBSN-24, or Sanwa OSSB-30, but the snap-in buttons are fine also. Would prefer white, black, light blue, or dark red.

Also looking for a Dark Red/Black/Grey “Meshball” top, or Clear, white, or Light Blue “Bubble” top.

Sanwa/Seimitsu blank case. 6 or 8 button layout.

I have 2 Sega Dreamcasts. 1 has an internal VGA mod with lime green LED instead of the default orange, and the other has no mods, both great condition. 3 Controllers (2 official, 1 Interact brand, green.), I have Sonic Adventure, Seaman (with mic), Ready 2 Rumble Boxing, TNN Motorsports Hardcore Heat, and Dino Crisis and some others (but I’ll have to find them). I can get ANY game you want also for the dreamcast. Just PM me the game (please don’t post it here) and I can PM you back the details.

I have a Silver Gamecube which has been modded with a front mounted silver DPDT region switch. Flip the switch left or neutral and the system boots English, flip it right, and it boots japanese. All of the light grey parts on the system have been painted black, and the LED has been replaced with a super bright Blue LED. I have an off brand controller (I believe it’s madcatz brand) to go with it, and Hunter: The Reckoning game.

I also have a ton of just… stuff for trade too. I played Yu-gi-oh for a while so I have some cards from that, I have old gaming systems, games, controllers, wires and soldering supplies, different tools, tons of a computer parts (video cards, sound cards, motherboards, processors), old comics (mostly spidey and xmen), new comics, dvd’s, vhs tapes (lol), non-electronic video game collectibles (like a Pac-Man coffee mug), DBZ mini resin busts (goku and imperfect cell) limited to 3000 ever made. I even have extra clothes and shoes that I never wore. I mean I just have a lot of STUFF. So if anything from what I just listed interests you, please let me know and I will get pictures and information to you as soon as possible. Everything listed here is for TRADE. I have no decided if I want to sell any of this stuff, so for the time, everything is up for TRADE.

I have all the original buttons and the stick from the PRAU. They’re all in perfect working order.

This stick was originally a Pelican Real Arcade Universal.

It has a door on the back for cord storage, which I spray painted white (not pictured, but it looks great.)

I decided to mod it. I cut it into a rectangle, stripped the vinyl, and bought 10 white Happ buttons, and a white iL eurostick. This stuff was literally purchased like a week ago, I’ve got my LizardLick order form and everything dated the 17. It hasn’t even wired for use. I still have the original PCB from the PRAU, but the wires were all disconnected and I have no idea how it hooks up again, but I’m working on that. I also have all of the original buttons and stick. It currently has no PCB installed, but if you want a PSX or Dreamcast pad installed, I have those and can do it no problem.

I was also going to paint it white and put a piece of plexi on the top and bottom, but again, I’ll leave it up to whoever wants it.

The black rimmed button is not Happ, I didn’t order 11 because I didn’t really need it for what I was going to wire in (A PC gamepad). I can send it with, or without.

I wrote in very light marker the buttons so I could keep up with them what I was wiring the old pelican parts, but any paint will cover that up very easily.

If you have any other questions please let me know!

Bump. Wanted to add that I will accept USED or new stick/buttons. I’d really like to get this thing out of here.

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