WTT: Nintendo Wii for Xbox 360

I have a
Nintendo Wii, great condition
Nunchuk, WiiMote,
AV Cables,
HD Cables,
Power Supply (Cord/Brick),
2 games. You’ll get RE4 Wii Edition and Spyro: The Eternal Night.
I’ll also throw in a 128mb SD Card that can be used for extra memory.
I also have 2 Virtual Console games on there. I have Shinobi 3:Return of the Ninja and I have Super Mario Bros 3.
You pretty much get everything you need, 4 games, Wii package, extra memory!

I want to trade for an Xbox 360 Console, Video Cables, Power Supply (Brick/Cord), Wireless Controller or Wired Controller (Does Not Matter), 20GB HDD.
Also, If you have Gears that’ll be Great. Please mention the Manufacture date also.

I am willing to meet up somewhere around NY City, North Jersey.


Didn’t you just sell me your XBox360? :confused:

I want a new model. HDMI model.