WTT: One Year of Xbox Live Gold for Marvel vs Capcom 2

I got MVSC2, Close thread!

what… 59.99 for 20$?

So will u be giving the one year code for MvC2 or 1600 points? If so, I’ve got 1600 points I would give u for one year of live.

Uhh, yeah.

I sent you a PM.

I can send you $20 and just use that to buy one. Let me know if you’re interested.

I PMed you.

you should probably mention that it’s not a 12month but 12-1 months. :sweat: Ok for anyone wanting to renew right now.

Yeah, It’s good for people who are renewing their Xbox Live or adding extra months.

this is weird…

He’s also a month short of the required 6 months.

he’s also an 09’er.

^ 09er as well

Is the “Banned” under your name for jokes or were u banned at one time or at least for one month until your 6 months is up? And didn’t Mr. Wiz change that rule about being here 6 months or is that still in place?

It’s a joke, I was never banned.

I’ll send first.

The rule’s still in place and I don’t see it changing unless the change is for a longer duration.

Well to stay within the rules of the site I’ll trade you the 1600 for those codes, but not 'til April 1st if u want to wait.

I got the dough right now. Not trying to step on any toes, just putting my name on the list.