WTT: Ps2 Mvc2

I never use it, and I know some people are in a pinch or just like collecting but I’m not sure what I want for this, something gaming related for sure, sticks, rare games, anything fighting game related I’m looking at, more or less.

EDIT: In original jewel case with slight wear, includes booklet, disc has faint scratches but plays fine in every PS2 that doesn’t have really bad CD reading issues, as this is a CD game.

EDIT2: Pictures.

Front of the case:


Inside case:


is it complete?

doh, sorry, edited first post.

I’ll trade you an earthbound for it

haha, no thank you man, I have one.

how about 2 tekken 4 action figures? lol i’m serious I won 4 of them and they just collect dust in my closet

ill give u a wii hori stick

no need for action figures or a wii hori, as I don’t own a wii sorry.

How about Suikoden 2? My buddy has a couple copies and I think he is looking for MvC2.

Looking for stuff more fighting game related :slight_smile: sorry bud.

I ll traee you a nubytech chunli controller.or ninja spawn controller. or Mortal Kombot deception lol

You guys do know how rare and expensive a PS2 MVC2 is right? lol.

Wow, they are going for about $75 - $400 (?!) on Ebay. Had no idea it was that scarce.

A rare copy of Eternal Champions and Rival Schools???

haha for real. i got a hrap1 for mine a while ago :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh well it’s not for me anyway so what do I care :wgrin:

The only non-burnt game that I have that you are remotely interested in is KOF 06. I’m not sure that I can offer my burnt games here.

not interested in KOF or burnt games anyways sorry bud. Eternal Champions and Rival Schools not really my thing either sorry :frowning:

Then WTH do ya want?? -__-??