WTT: PS3 Games (SC4)Updated With Pics- For Arcade Stick

im looking for an arcade stick, i just started taking fighting games seriously, so i went and got owned the other night when i tried to use a stick, soooo now i need a stick (i play Street Fighter and a little Marvel, Mainly 3s though, no preference to japanese or american) , and i have nooo money.
so im trying to trade Soul Calibur 4 (Perfect condition, with case and booklet) And Guitar Hero 3 : Legends Of Rock (mint Condition, No original case, and Wireless dongle for wireless guitar which is included, standard black faceplate) for an arcade stick.
Please explain your arcade stick to me as well.
I can take pictures if wanted , PM me






Why don’t you get a HRAP2 SA off of ebay, they have lots on there right now.

i think he said he had no money:wonder:

yeah no money :[

and im extremely impatient as well :[
every second im not playing , is time i could be training, i mean damn, i couldnt even do the shoryuken motion right yet, i need TO TRAIN, so yeah i need a trade

I know you said you had no money but my point is if you’re looking at getting something decent you may have to trade something of a little more value. Perhaps it would help which system you’re looking to play on plus which games to help determine what stick you need and whether or not you’re looking for either an American Style stick or Japanese Stick.

i mainly play street fighter lol, and a little marvel, just 3s mostly, i dont really have a preference to american or japanese, all i know is, these are the things i have sitting around to trade that i dont use amymore

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