WTT: PS3 SFIV TE fightstick for 360 version


I’m trying to move to 360 instead of PS3 for the release of SSFIV and to do this I need to trade my very lightly used TE stick for either a 360 TE or HRAP EX-SE. I never really got comfortable enough with the stick to use it much, and honestly preferred to play on the kb for PC SFIV so it doesn’t have many hours of use. A local swap in Southern California is preferred. I’m located in Cerritos, CA. I have all the original packaging still.

Let me know!


I’ve got a lightly used 360 TE stick (also with all the original packaging) and I’m trying to switch to a PS3 one since my 360 RRoD’d. I live in LA, so if you’re still down for this maybe we can meet half way?


I’m definitely interested in this. I tried contacting you on AIM, but no response. PM me or something and we can arrange a meet up.