WTT: PS3 TE Fight Stick for XBOX360 TE Fight Stick (I have TWO of them)

as title states

i reread my preorder and i think i fucked up x_x

i have two of them being delivered to me on tuesday, and i dont even have a freakin ps3 :annoy:

PM me now so we can figure something out Tuesday afternoon or night (or later, for that matter)
otherwise, off to ebay

edit: pending one trade
im also willing to trade this for a really nice custom multi-console stick with a seimitsu ls32+sanwa buttons, xbox360 pcb is required

Check pm.


well… i am close to westminister if you are willing to sell me one i would buy it off you

Let me know please.

pending one trade to evilj via meet up at his or my house

please check pms

this is a final bump before i receive them tomorrow.

I hope you’ll be ready to sell tomorrow

Im ready to buy. Let the bidding begin!