WTT: PS3 TE Fight Stick for XBOX360 TE Fight Stick (same as psychadelicbeats)

TRADES ONLY (for now)

So when the mad rush for “backordered” TE sticks via Gamestop online occured, I panicked and I ordered an additional stick at my local Gamestop store, so now I have 2 (both for the PS3).

I was wondering if anybody in the Los Angeles area would be willing to do a straight up trade for the Xbox360 TE stick?

As of 2/6/09 the Gamestop stores don’t have the TE sticks in yet… I called my local Gamestop to see if I could exchange for the Xbox360 stick but since that would require changing the preorder then, its not possible at this point…

oh… and since I’m new to the boards here, just answer with a reply to this thread and I’ll respond… (I don’t think my PM privelege is up yet)

Nope, but you’re gonna be flooded with buy requests in a second.

i will buy one off you, if you don’t mind? i am also in LA

oops… ok

Cant do an auction if you wanna sell it you gotta set a firm price first come first serve.

well just let me know what the price is… You got 2. don’t gouge =) help a board member

^ Yes to effque, please set a price

you aren’t even allowed to use this forum… jan 2009 registered members are excluded