WTT/S - Primered PHYSH Case w/ plexi

Only selling this case because I have a surplus on cases I’ve recently acquired and I Just don’t have the time to finish up this case like I originally intended. Case bought from MEUS.
Case is 8 button layout. Similar to the TE but with a bit more spacing between the stick and face buttons. Has 3 button slots on top. Room for Start/Select/Home/Media button or however you prefer to wire it.
Has Plexi and Good to go. Just needs a coat of paint on the sides and some artwork~
Back panel is removable 4 screws and 4 more machine Screws for mounting a JLF.

45$ to sell. SHIPPED!
Also accepting trades. (interest me!)


jesus christ resized pictures much?

way to big cant even see what it looks like lol


Hmmm. Is that one of his sticks with the carbon fiber wrap? I actually just finished painting one of his cases. I may have to pick that up from you…

What’s the size of this compared to a TE? I might be interested if you could do a pic comparison…? Or at least let me have dimensions on it. from the back to the front, and from side to side. And also, how is the plexi held on?

If you’d be so kind, please. :slight_smile:

I can answer some of that. There are slots cut on the inside of the sides. The plexi flexes into the slots and is held in place, with additional capture by the buttons. If I had to guess, it’s about 9x15 and around 3 inches high. The case sould be drilled for a JLF or JLW, but a happ can fit if you drill the holes.

Good stuff, thanks.

Kind of leaning towards ibeatu’s purple case that he has though, since that would look better for my Juri stick, IMO. Thanks anyways. :slight_smile:

dumb questions… will this fit a seimitsu stick, and do the buttons have to be screw in? thanks!

Sizewise, yes. There’s more than enough room in there. That said, the mounting holes are for a JLF. If anything, tou may have to drill new holes. I managed to fit a JLW and a iL/Happ with no problem.

For the buttons, I believe either will work

I’m actually interested but I want to use trades to even out the costs. Sent a pm.

Bump… Price drop

MAN that’s a good deal…

Anything interest you in my trade thread?

Few questions, what’s the actual dimensions of the box (LxWxH)? Is it sturdy cause it looks like it’s glued together.

Bump for a good case. Somebody pick this up before I do!

Im interested but your PM box is full! Couple of questions:

The JLF screws look like they are rotated so the plate looks like it goes horizontally instead of vertically is that right?

Do I have to use OSBN or can I use OBSF?


You are correct on the JLF mounting plate. I believe the panel is thin enough for snap in buttons (I’ll try to verify)

Cool well in very interested. IF the JLF mounting plate is horizontally placed, how will that work with the directions? DO i have to just rotate the stick?

I believe rotating the stick will do the trick.

Case sold