WTT - Sanwa Buttons & PS3 Games


Howdy doody!
Just as the subject tin says… I have a few items for trade.


  • 5x Yellow Sanwa buttons 30mm (6th is on a friend’s stick, holler if you want it)
  • 3x White Sanwa buttons 30mm
  • PS3 White Knight Chronicles 2 (comes with WKC1 on the same disk, two games for one)
  • PS3 Dragon Age
  • PS3 Vanquish


  • 6x Seimitsu Purple (PS14 K) 30mm
  • 2x Seimitsu Blue (PS14 K) 30mm

I live in Texas. I’m not trading ALL of this stuff for the eight buttons. I’ll make clean trades for all eight Sanwa buttons and for White Knight Chronicles 2. Dragon Age & Vanquish together for the buttons unless you have something else in mind. Holler.