WTT: Sanwa Flash for EE PS3

Yes, I’m serious, and no, I don’t think anyone will actually do it, but its here if anyone wants one bad enough. I have an original Sanwa flash in perfect working order (it hasnt even been in a stick since I got it 3-4 years ago except for a short stint in my Namco). Recently tested in my candy cabinet and plays awesome. I do have the power connector currently soldered to a little DC-DC converter board that ensures the flash gets a perfect 5v, even if powered from a 3.3v Sony system; I’ll be happy to throw that in if desired, or I can make you a +V wire with the proper connector in whatever length you need. I do have the shaft cover, but I dont have the original yellow ugly dust cover that came with the kits. I’ll also include a brand new JLF to put it in; check with me for ball top colors.

I’m only interested in the Emotion Engine models, the 20GB or 60GB. Make it a 60GB and I’ll throw in a Pelican PSX->PS3 adapter.

I have a question… what is better about the ee ps3s than the ones without it?

Hardware backwards compatability vs Software. Google around for it.