WTT: Seimitsu and Sanwa parts- Buttons, Sticks etc


Open for trading, wanting to get this watch:
or some Apple-products that I may need.
Obviously I know I have to put some money in between, I am not that stupid ^_^.

And yes, all parts are brand new INCL THE HS-ASSY (Flash1)(NOT REMOVED FROM BAGGY)!


its your job to post prices, then SRKs job to counter-offer if they don’t like your prices


what kind of apple products are you looking for?


I updated the text, I am only trading now.



dammm thats a beefy watch

i like those green buttons though


I like those 6 black buttons and 1 black balltop but I don’t have the 500.00 watch to trade you.


1st dibs on the hs. I only have a shuffle though.
Could I make a cash offer? Or do you have any price in mind?


Hey Per what keyboard is that?


Dunno, something flat I guess lol.

Please close this thread.