WTT: Seimitsu Clear Bubble Top for a Red Ball top


Hey guys,

I just realized that the clear bubble ball i got from Aki shop is not going to go right with my artwork for my fightstick SE.

I am looking for a red ball top to fit my JLF. PLEASE JUST TRADES THANKS!

I have a brand new Clear Bubble top and a Dark Blue (Purple-ish) ball top that came with my stick as well.

Anyone have this and want to trade?

Hit me up thanks!


sent a pm


I would be able to do this if you wouldn’t mind waiting for my parts to come in from Lizard Lick. The balltop is used, but it is just a ball top. Send me a PM if you’re interested.


I have a red ball top, if you didnt get one send me a pm.


I have a red ball top just sitting around that I will never use again.


I should clarify a bit as well. I appreciate all the PMs for the HRAP ball tops but I would want a Red sanwa Ball top. Particularly one that comes with a JLF. Part number LB-35. Preferrably new since my Clear Bubble Top is brand new.

PM me if you guys have it. Thanks!


Aren’t the HRAP using Sanwa JLFs? unless there is a difference? As far as I know the HRAP has a Sanwa JLF stick and balltop for as long as I can remember.


the HRAP comes with a JLF so it will fit, most of these people will never use their red ball top that comes with it, so i would just say thank you and take it, however it is a tad bit orangey rahter than red red