WTT: Seimitsu parts


Trading: 1x Clear Bubbletop, 6x Clear Seimitsu Buttons, Unused (still attached on the tejp from Aki)

for an full extended Plexi from Arth, 6 button layout (the first 6)

Pm if intrested :slight_smile:

Dude, if you get that trade, you iz godlike.

Somebody give this kid some plexi!

Is it a true clear or the tinted clear bubbletop?

Which is it, the “full” or the “extended”? The one that covers the whole TE is listed as just “full”. I happen to have a 6-button “extended” but I believe your probably wanting the “full”.

I need the plexi that covers the whole TEstick,


Oh well can’t help you there. Good luck on the trade, it’s a good trade for anyone who ends up taking you up on it.

I can laser cut any plexi for u… i’ll do the trade, but i would need a template and also the thickness of the plexi u want…PM me if ur interested…

well, it will be a good deal for both of us (making the deal) cause we get something we both need, right? :slight_smile:

Im gonna bump this with a pic…
I need a full plexi, and i don’t need those seimiparts, no one? :open_mouth:

see, unused!


i’d love to, but I am a bit strapped… when I get some more $$$ i’ll consider it if they are still around…

if you’re considering to sell them instead of trade, please PM me. Thanks!

Yeah, I can sell them to, but the prob is I don’t know what to take for em.

Take what it would cost you to get the plexiglass. :wgrin:

so, what… 25 bucks! ;/