WTT SF Heroclix

I’m only looking for certain ones and I don’t have a lot to trade as of now…

Here is my trade list:
Dhalsim - 04 (x2)
E. Honda (x2)
Guile - 07
Chun-Li - 08
T. Hawk
Ryu - 20

Looking for
Ken - 1
Blanka - 3B
Chun-Li - 8B
Cammy - 9B
Evil Ryu

All of my figures have their cards with them. I expect the same in the trade.
If I don’t respond to you right away, I apologize. I’ll be at work tomorrow and I’m going to a tournament tomorrow so I might trade there and buy more boosters so I might have more for trade. With that said though, I will check SRK through out the day for any posts or PM’s regarding trades.