WTT:SFAC (3rd Strike) XBOX for 24mm snap ins


** Street Fighter 15th Anniversary Edition XBOX (Compatible with 360) Comes with manuals and box. Great condition & Hardly played. - I’d like twelve 24mm snap in buttons. Colors dont matter too much as long as the buttons are in great condition!


Hit me up Bruhhh**

Awesome looking stick! Good luck with the sale :slight_smile:

Thanks! I really really love this stick but I’ve been wanting to try a Korean stick and I just cant afford to buy one without selling the other. :frowning:

Lets go people! Make me some offers!

Ahh Korean sticks are awesome, may I suggest Souji again for this! he has made some very nice Korean customs in the past including for myself.

It looks like I may not be receiving my Voltech stick (check the other thread for all the drama if interested), and this looks really nice… is it all Sanwa? Do you have any pictures showing the current condition?

Yes everything in Sanwa with exception of the start/guide button.

I can take some for you. But this is pretty much the same. Except a scratch on the plexy and the cardstock paper underneath looks to be a tad dirty.

I was originally a pad player and received a lot of shit for it so changing over to a stick was really hard and frustrating for me. so I probably have 20 hours of play on this and I know Soulj messed with it for alittle also.

Added new pictures as requested.

Bump - Added MC Cthulu to the package if stick price is met. MC Cthulu will not be installed in the stick as I dont know how to dual mod =P

Lowered prices. Offered as case only. Not sure how much to sell parts for.

Cant believe this hasnt sold yet!

blurp blurp.

Free bump. Great deal. I wouldn’t sleep on this guys!

Added items to want list for trade. If you have something you think I might want also let me know!

Added trade items. Had some interest in it. Doesnt seem like anyone is really interested in customs. Might take down soon and just put up on the mantle.

Someone please pick this up. Great stick there…

Gamestop gift cards huh? I’ll hit you up on aim when I get a chance.

Ill make you a k-stick box for trade :slight_smile:

seriously a good price for a custom. good luck with your sale!

Is It a Happ joystick?

sanwa jlf.