WTT: Spyder Victor Paintball gun. (And maybe some 360 accs.)


About six years ago or so I got a paintball gun for my birthday. I’ve used it twice. So I’m looking to get rid of it.
It’s a Spyder Victor, I think a 2004 model. It appears to be in good condition; it’s mostly just been sitting in a box. It comes with a basic hopper, and its plastic connector, As well as a yellow shaft stopper- thing. It also has a CO2 tank with it, although it has some rust marks on it, and the O-ring broke apart; apparently from age.

Here is a picture of the gun, thanks to Wikipedia.


What do I want? I was hoping to get myself a copy of BlazBlue: Continuum Shift, and a really small fight stick box that can fit a Seimitsu stick, (6) 30mm screw on buttons, and 24mm buttons, plus a Cthulhu board.

Also, in the same vein, I have some spare Xbox 360 gunk I wish to clear out.
I have:
1 MS Standard Headset
1 MS Chatpad
1 60GB HDD for the 360.
1 512MB Memory card
1 Eternal Sonata (Game)
1 Project Gotham Racing 4 (Game)

If you’ve got anything you think might catch my fancy, I’m open to offers. Thanks!


PM sent.