WTT: SSF4 PS3 Copy for 360 version

I just bought a 360 arcade and am looking for someone to trade versions of ssf4 with. I have ps3 copy and want 360 version. So If Someone has an extra copy or knows a friend who retired from ssf4 please help me out by trading it with me.

I just loaned my copy to a friend, I’ll get it back in a couple days and if you haven’t found anyone else I’ll do it. I also have a copy of Tekken I’ll trade/sell if you’re interested.

Pretty much in the same boat, just traded in my Wii/360/90% of games for a PS3. Too bad Gamestop was trying to give me 8 bucks for SSF4 and T6.

yeah i’ll be interested in trading with you if i don’t find a local as i kinda want to get on live in the next few days asap. as for T6 i do have it but it’s the bundle with the T6 stick that comes with it and i’m not a fan of the tekken games very much so i would be selling it as the bundle. i just have been too lazy to put it up for sale. let me know if you’d be interested in the bundle. i’ll give you a reasonable deal most likely under the normal going price. it’s brand new never used.