WTT - Stack of PS2 Fighting Games (SOLD!)


Tekken 5, “Not For Resale Demo Disc…” I hope Namco doesn’t hunt you down for selling that thing lol

Well if they want to send me a copy of SC5, i’ll glady remove it from the pic and sale. :coffee:

I want 6 of those games.

Soul Caliber 5 will get you all of them, and you can sell the ones you dont want LOL :stuck_out_tongue:

sadly until i sell this fightstick or my tax return comes in then I will not be able to get that.

no worries. doesnt look like its gonna be sold or traded any time soon anyways :confused:

Damn that’s pretty tempting but I need to get my stick repaired or buy a new one before I load up on games. Really wish I was in a position to trade for those though.

Would you sell them all for $60?

Come on, gotta be someone out there! :frowning:

Wish I could help you out as I’d like to get my hands on a few of those games, too. Unfortunately, I can’t supply you with SCV or anything equally awesome at this time. Hope someone else jumps on this for you!

Make me some offers! SC5 or no SC5, want to get rid of these asap!

I’ll go $50. Gets you most of the way to SCV.

I’ll give you Skyward Sword, vanilla MvC3 and access to my psn which has 20 games. I have 3rd Strike, HDR, FF7, MvC2, Symphony of the Night, KoF99, Metal Gear Solid, a bunch of other stuff.

PM sent

mistahsnart made me a deal i couldnt refuse. games are sold. Thanks everyone!

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