WTT Stock Yellow Namco for Happ Modded SFA stick

Stick is in perfect working order and very good condition, no original box though. Would prefer if the SFA stick had the original PCB rather then a hacked a Psone (wanna use it on my X-Box as well) but not essential. Basically if you followed the Arcadestickmonk guide to the letter that would be perfect :).

Any takers, ?, the closer to Europe the better to save on shipping (I live in Ireland).

Would you be willing to sell?

Ireland?! Wow, Massive shipping costs! But still interested.

Edit: Pics possibly?

Looks good.

Back to my original question, Would you be willing to sell?

and how much would shipping be to the states (IL)?

Dunno how much shipping would be, its the only stick I have and I know its regarded as the best stock stick you can get, but ive been trying to learn stick a while now and Im almost convinced that Japanese sticks just aren’t for me…almost. Im reluctant to sell it cause I dont need the money, and would only have to track down a HAPP SFA stick anyway, least if I trade it I can kill 2 birds with 1 stone.

Somebody on this board already offered to swap me one a while back but nothing ever came from it, cant remember his name but his avatar had count chocula in it with a Cap vs SNK N - groove meter underneath it (?).

Forgot to mention, Id prefer if the SFA stick had all 8 face buttons and not 6 with 2 blanked off, but again, not essential.

I have a SFA stick modded, but I’m trying to get $ for it so I can buy a new custom. Let me know if your interested

i dont have a SFA stick but i do also live in Ireland and would pay well for that! youd also save on shipping and i may have stuffz for trades

Bump. If I don’t get a reply from Finkle about my spot on his waiting list I would be willing to buy another SFAC stick and mod it for that Namco stick.



Ill keep it in mind

Thank you!