WTT Stuff

Here is a list of things i have

PS2 Games

5.romancing saga
6.Arc the lad twilight of the spirits
7.mana khemia alchemist of al-revis
9.megaman x8
10.YS the ark of napishtim
11.kingdom hearts GH
12. FFX GH
13.digimon world 4
14.wild arms 4
15.suikoden tactics
16.final fantasy origins(ps1)

marvel vs capcom 2 for dreamcast$10 plus shipping(on hold)pending trade

Soul calibur 4 stick ps3 barely used $25 plus shipping(on hold)pending trade
psx dualshock pcb with quick disconnects(on hold)pending trade
tekken 5 stick just the case with all the bolts no pcb or buttons(sold)
official dreamcast controller$5 plus shipping
kuroda dvds ken and akuma $20 shipped for both
Things im looking for

1.xbox 360 pcb with quick diconnects that will work with a sanwa jlf(no longer needed)
2.an xbox 360 stick
3.a copy of sf4
4.also available to cash offers on any of the above.
5.also lookin for an xbox 20gb hard drive
I will have pics up tonight if anyone shows intrest
heres a link to my feedback http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=160338

PM sent

I’d be interested in mana khemia, xenosaga 3, and maybe suikoden tactics. Any tech I could interest you in?

well i have a sanwa stick box and all the parts i just need a pcb that will support xbox 360, Ill give u all 3 if u can provide

The PCB is no problem. The problem is the time and effort to wire it up with QD’s.

PM’ed on possible trade for t5. Thanks!

How much for the Xenosaga 1?

Would you be willing to sell Xenosaga Ep. III if it’s still available?

sure i dont have paypal thoguh

bump lookin for 20 gb xbox360 hard drive

also added ken and akuma kuroda dvds

bump added prices to some items

bump some sellers backed out items still up for trade/sale make me an offer


Where are you in norcal? I’m interested in the SC4 ps3 stick.

Do you think I can install the psx pcb into my SFAE joystick and get it to work on PS3? If so how much will you sell for? I’m local (SF/VAllejo).

with adapter of course.

bump need jlf flat mounting plate

If my man doesn’t take the Soul Cal Stick put me down please!