WTT: T5 for SFAC


all done, thanks


its a tight squeeze and youll need a different pcb but you can fit IL parts in that case. Itll take some work though

edit- THose clear buttons are PS-14-K’s… nice


how hard is the mod to put the JLF in the T5 stick??


the mod requires a drill to drill the square gate, and a soldering iron to solder the wires to the pcb. if you have the tools it’s easy


oh, ok, easy enough. thanks man.


Its not too hard


hot damn bro, nice tutorial, dude you are 1st on line to rep, once im able to rep again. my cousin got one of those t5 sticks, i might give it a try.

anyways, thanks for the tutorial, it might help the seller to sell his stick.



and yea, the sanwa jlf has the four holes drilled through the gate as well

i tested it already and it mounts nicely


Thanks, yeah, i wrote that tutorial earlier this year since the current T5 tutorial was lacking pics and instruction. I believe the first post of that thread has been updated with my tutorial. Also i wrote small little tutorials on how to remove the mounting bracket and how to install a LS32. Next write up will be a LS56 in the T5 stick, which isnt hard either


my bad… is there a difference?


yeah, theyre snap in instead of screw in


Well if you don’t get to selling it, i’ll buy the T5 off of you


I have a sfac I was trying to sell a while ago no art no plexi though pm me if your interested or if you want pics


i have a used MAS if youre interested - but i also have little faith in my own modding abilities…pm me if youre interested


thanks for the info AJ!

i’ll keep that in consideration, thanks

PM’s sent to sflegend and MidgetT

ne other offers?