WTT- T5 Stick + Cash 4 MAS Stick


I have a Tekken 5 stick that I don’t use and don’t have time to mod right now for trade. The only thing is that the square button on the stick does not work. This is a perfect stick to mod. I will be willing to throw in cash to trade it for a PS2 MAS stick. Post here or PM me if you are interested. Thanks.


Hey Do you have pics of the sticks or a link to one. I have a 8 button MAS, empty. Comes with 6 Happ buttons and a Optical 360 Joystick. And You will nee to find a bottom for it if your willing to trade for that.


is it just the button thats faulty or is something wrong with the pcb/wiring?


pretty sure it’s just a faulty button.


Question: Only trading or willing to sell?


Same question as junior. Are you willing to sell the T5 stick?