WTT: T5 stick for Sanwa, Seimitsu or Happ stuff

So I have a DC Agetec stick that I have modded with the PCB from a SFAC stick, but unfortunately still has the stock stick and buttons in it.

I like the T5 stick quite a bit, but I like the box for the DC stick better and want to mod it.

I’d really like to get two sets of sticks and buttons if possible. So a Set of Sanwa or Seimitsu, or even a Happ stick and convex buttons so I can put it in my SFAC stick would be cool. Also would consider PS1 DS pads/PCBs.

So wanting to trade my T5 stick (which is in mint condition, has been played for maybe 1 month or so) any of the following:

Full set of Sanwa joysticks and buttons
Full set of Seimitsu Joysticks and buttons
Full set of Happ stick and buttons (want this MUCH less than the sanwa or seimitsu though)
PS1 DS Pads or PCBs.

Anyone got any spare buttons and sticks?

What color is the Happ buttons? I may just flat out buy them from you.

I believe he is trading his Tekken 5 stick for the buttons and sticks.

Oh, then never mind then…

Wait a minute, I got a Happ Super stick and five Happ concave buttons(their orange, sorry) that I can trade you, and I’ll personally pay to order the buttons to complete the set from Ponyboy. I got no other use for them, and it will take me awhile to understand a PCB that I’ve just got by cracking open my useless Akuma controller.

Sounds like an interesting trade! Though I’m all the way over in Europe (which would make shipping the T5 stick slightly more expensive) I do have plenty of spares in stock to choose from; Sanwa JLF (with or without flat mounting plate and/or shaft cover) or Seimitsu LS-32 (or LS-32-01 with 5-pin connector) with balltops in most colors accompanied by Sanwa OBSF-30 buttons in green, pink, vermillion, dark blue, black/gray or Seimitsu PS-14-K buttons in white. Let me know…