WTT: Used 360 TE


I have here a used Madcatz TE for the 360.
The first six buttons are sanwa OBSN screw-ins- the last two are stock. The joystick is stock, but the balltop is not.

Something to keep in mind: It is missing a screw in the top panel. More specifically, the bottom middle one pictured here:

I would like to trade this stick for a custom joystick enclosure. Not a whole custom stick. Just the case+plexi if applicable.

Please PM me with any reasonable offers.


you have to put a price up


how much will you sell for i dont want to put up an offer and pay more than i want to :stuck_out_tongue:


normally he does not have to put a price he said he wants to trade for a custom case so he doesnt have to post a price unless he wants to sell it

but yea since your taking offers on it you have to post a price


I meant reasonable trade offers. As of right now, I’d rather not sell it if I can get the trade I’m asking for.




Would also like to buy a copy of SSF4: AE for the PS3, but that’s a separate deal from the TE. I just want to buy the game straight via paypal.