WTT: Valkyria Chronicles


i would like to trade pristine condition valkyria chronicles for the ps3. looking for:

killzone 2
NHL 09
resistence 2
MLB the show 09
PES 2009


im outi



was it sealed when you got it? no gamestop stickers or nothing? i might be interested in a trade :3


yes it was sealed and no gamestop sticker…

im outi



how quickly are you wanting to get rid of it? i have dead space and killzone 2, but i want to get the trophys for them first >.< * both games are in mint condition *


im down for trading it for killzone 2, i havent really had any offers yet so you get dibs…how long you think you will take???


im outi



This game is awesome, the anime is good too.


shouldnt take that long. ill start playing killzone 2 on sunday then :3


ok started playing killzone 2. trying to get some trophys out of it before i give it to you * i just opened it, it was sealed so it will be mint :smiley: *

How much time you want to give me before i ship it off to you? ill be playing just this so i can get the most out of it before i send it off.


I have dead space ready to ship.


Dead Space is an amazing game. I don’t know anything about Valkyria Chronicles but if you get Dead Space it’s worth it.


a week ok???

and i know deadspace is amazing, i have it for the pc, so ill wait on that since i dont have killzone 2…

im outi



Killzone 2 has been shipped ! Check your pm’s for Delivery Confirmation <3


Just got VC. Perfect Condition. Thanks again! Fast shipping <3


ya man, good doing business with you, maybe it will happen again sometime :slight_smile: since you still got dat DEADSPACE!!!

im outi