WTT: Various games

Games i’m trading. all NTSC U/C

King of fighters 99 (psone)
Complete w manual.
cracks on front of case.
Disk scratched but not enough to effect gameplay.
music track does skip on ocasion.

Battle arena toshinden (psone)
disk only
"not for resale" on disk
lots of small scratches but plays fine

Battle arena toshinden 3 (psone)
disk only
not as scratched as BAT
Warning: for some reason when playing this game on a PSX it freezes before the boss fight with abel. plays no problems on PS2. no clue how it plays on PSone.

Resident evil 2 (psone)
Leon Disk only.
not scratched but clearly been put through a disk cleaning machine.
plays no problems.

all disk only games will come in a slim jewl case.

Games i want.

Strider 2 (ps)
Marvel vs Capcom (ps)
SNK vs Capcom pro (ps)
X-men vs Street fighter (ps)
Marvel super heroes (ps)
Marvel super heroes VS Street Fighter (ps)
Street fighter EX2 (ps)
Street fighter EX+ (ps)
Rival schools (ps)
any PS Final fantasy game
Chrono cross (ps)
Xenogears (ps)
Street fighter alpha 3 (ps)
Fatal fury wild ambiton (ps)
samurai showdown warriors rage (ps)
Street fighter collection (ps)

…that’s all for now, though i’m sure my list will grow.
if you see something you want but don’t have anything i have listed that i want don’t be shy i’m always willin to haggle.

I have EX+ and A3 with no case or manual. I don’t want anything, but i could sell em to ya together for like $10 shipped. I have a bunch of other weird PS games if you want a list.

I’ll be willing to trade my FF IX, but you don’t have anything that I want.

Persuaded to trade Darkstalkers you say? Well, if it works perfectly…

I could give you FFVII or IX. I also have a couple other ps1 games kickin around, hit me up on AIM ( MaxLandshark ).

poon has a serious deal, 10 for the pair? dont pass that up.

i know, i want it, but i’m too broke to afford it. sad ne?

Max, DS3 plays fine, but has some sound problems. if you plan to play it on a PS2 turn on texture mapping and have a laugh.

Poon, hell yeah, list what ya got.

sadly i got all these games second hand so the condition they’re in now is the condition they were in when i got them.

Ok, unless otherwise stated all games are US without case or manuals and in like new condition…

One Piece Mansion - w/manual
Tenchu 2
Wipeout XL
GTA2 - w/manual, scratches
Wipeout 3
Tony Hawk 2
Tekken 3
Shadow Man - w/manual
Contra Legacy of War - w/manual
X-Men Mutant Academy 1 & 2 (rental stickers on 1)
Evil Zone
Star Gladiator
Tobal no1
MK Trilogy - w/manual
Oddworld Abe’s Exodus - w/manual
Overblood - w/manual
Knockout Kings 2001
Jet Moto - w/manual
Syphon Filter
Perfect Weapon
Fighter Maker

I’ll take weird stuff in trade. PS1 DS H series pads, common ground xbox360 pads, stick parts, old busted sticks, Okami ps2, KOF XI, etc. I’ve got a ton of credit at my local trading place if you want me to look for a game in exchange for some of that stuff. Also i’d be willing to part with most of those games for 4-10 bucks shipped, less for bulk.

once i get my hands on some cash i’ll let you know what i want. for now though i’m just lookin for trades.

What kind of sound problems?

And whats this about texture mapping?

the music will cut out ocasionaly and the track will restart. dosnt effect gmaeplay. and the texture mapping thing is when it’s turned on you can see the boxes the character sprites were drawn on. it’s intresting. if i can take some screen pics and post them i will.