WTT: Want to Trade xbox 360 SF4 TE stick for your PS3 TE stick

Anyone looking for a good condition stock xbox 360 mad catz sf4 te stick?

I want to trade it for a stock ps3 version. I decided that I’m going to get ssf4 for ps3 and not xbox.


This is an ideal trade if you’re looking to dual mod since it is easier to dual mod from the xbox version.

here are pics of my stick:

Ummm, I may be interested but I have a ps3 marvel stick, and if we were to trade I’d want cash on top.

looking for straight trade… why would i put cash on top? they retail the same

um cause i just bought mine two days ago

Haha ok, that’s funny you want cash. Anyways, Rlee17 I would be interested in doing this. But here is my situation. I only have a PS3, got 2 Round 1 TE’s and a 360 Round 2 TE I’m currently trying to get Multi Console modded. Soon as I get that one finished (hopefully in the next couple of weeks), I’d be more than willing to do this. If you’re fine with waiting, which I’m guessing should be ok since you’re waiting for SSFIV, we could definitely do this. Mine are in very good condition, minor scratches on the art, nothing serious. No stickyness or gunk, I make sure everyone who touches my shit, washed their hands first. This would help me as I was going to sell one of my TE’s and buy a 360 model as I want 2 of them just to work for all systems. PLUS I won’t want to charge you extra money for the convenience of both of us. :smile:

i can wait and also take some pics, mine is in good condition as well, very minor micro scratches, and no sticky buttons also.

also since you live in PA, shipping shouldn’t be too crazy.

whats your email? mine is ronnie DOT lee AT gmail DOT com

we’ll keep in touch via email whenever you are ready

PM’d and sent an email.

bump, haven’t heard back from nefarsus, need another person to trade with. also added pics

Is this still available?

PM sent

PMs responded, and bumped

BUMPPPPP, need stick ASAP!! SSF4 is around the corner :slight_smile:




If this is something that’s still being proposed, I will gladly take you up on this. I’ll shoot you a PM.

sorry, traded locally :slight_smile: closing thread