WTT/WTB/WTS - FFXI / PS2 Pad - other stuff

FFXI w/ HDD + network adapter
$40 shipped OBO SOLD

Elite Beat Agents + 3 black stylus’
$10 shipped.

$5 shipped
I should be getting a ton of DC games at some point… I’ll update with that stuff when the time comes…

PS2 DualShock 2, official Sony brand only
Will trade the HDD for the pad + $25

i cant message you. i want some stuff so dibs!!! pm me back with your paypal info.

I hate PM request for trade stuff…

hit me up via email


my paypal = jscognamiglio@gmail.com

I really need a new 3S if you get one…

OK, I’ll let you know when I get them. I’ll ask the dude about them again this week.

tight check your paypal in abuot 4 hours, i’ll be home around then.

holler at me too plz when you get a bunch of games.

money sent. cant wait to buy more games from u

i would like to buy some dc games too.

kk, HDD sold to AL

Oh, also, I want to get PSX RPGs
Let me know what you have… Looking for…

Legend of Dragoon
Wild Arms 1 & 2
Final Fantasy 7, 9
Breath of Fire 3? or was it 4? the first one… not the second one…
and I’ll need a PSX memory card

List some other stuff too, and I’ll let you know what I want…

PS2 games I want…

Wild Arms 3
Tekken Tag
DDR Extreme

i’ve got wild arms either 1 or 2 and legend of dragoon. if i cant find a ps2 controller for you i’ll send the game out instead for free, the one i can find haha. :slight_smile:

LOL!, Al, you’re a cool kid.

I’m going to call Angelo tomorrow, being today is a holiday and all.

shipped today, Al.

I have an A series and H series ds2 pads I’m trying to sell pm me any q’s

thx why arent u on my myspace no mo:sad::sad:

Hiatus from social networking websites and AIM…

I’m enjoying it.

yea i understand i took like 6 months off myspace a while ago too. i’m sending your package out tomorrow along with a few other peoples.

OK, and I got tracking and insurance on it. Let me know if there’s any problems.