WTT/WTS $175 gamestop giftcard for Zune HD/ iPOD touch 3rd gen or iphone 3g

I have a giftcard worth $175 dollars for gamestop This can be used toward the new “S” edition TE or anything you want on gamestop.com. I’m looking to use this toward buying an ipod touch 3rd gen 32gb, an iphone 3g 16 or 32gb (so I can jailbreak it for tmobile) or a Zune HD 32gb. I know that these items are worth more than $175 so I’m willing to come out of pocket a little. I am well aware of how much these items are worth used.

I will consider other offers too.

Let’s not waste each others time with ridiculous offers or astronomical asking prices. I will close this thread by Friday if no one is interested.

gl bro :slight_smile:

Bump. No one interested?

Oh well, no one interested. Please close thread…