WTT/WTS Anime,Manga, and More

I’m selling/trading some of my anime along with other goodies as I go on. MORE WILL BE POSTED LATER. I’ll be selling my TE soon




xxxHoli vol.16 : Just play shipping
Please Save My Earth vol.2 (back cover is torn off) :Just pay shipping
Sayonara Zetsubou- Sensei vol.4 : just play shipping
Reborn! vol.7 : Just play shipping
The wall Flower vol.1(old): Just pay shipping

Swana Square Gate: Just pay shipping
Swana JLF: $15.00 Shipped
Bloody Roar 3(PS2) Game[COLOR=#000000]stop[/COLOR] case : Just pay shipping


Happ joystick
Korean joystick
Semtesu joystick(LS-40)
SNK Movies
Japanese CD’s
Video Game CD’s
Akeboshi CD’s
Japanese Languish learning books
More Manga(PM me what you have for trade)
More Anime(PM me what you have for trade)
Klonoa Games

Interested in the Evangelion, condition?

near mint like all my dvd

NGE is back up for grabs

Price Drops and IMGs

PM sent for Evangelion.

New stuff and new wants.

Price Drops

New stuff