WTT/WTS- Ascii Optical Stick for the DC


Looking to trade my stick for a DSi/DSi XL. If anyone is interested lmk.


Bought the stick about a year ago from Brighenne, but never got around to putting it in my TE stick like i had planned. If anyone is interested in buying it i’m looking for $85 not including shipping.


Your pictures don’t appear to be working.


I can see them, It’s a nice stick.


pictures fixed




toodles is in the works of releasing his own exact mock up of the Sanwa flash and Ascii optical pcbs, which is why i can see several owners of both in the trading outlet hurrying in a panic to sell theirs off before the value of those sticks goes down once toodles releases his version. Just thought i throw that blunt fact out there.


Price drop




Price lowered.


pm sent