WTT/WTS Dual Modded Omni Rev


Looking to sell a dual modded( ps360+) Omni Rev arcade Stick. Right now I just have a jlf joystick, but I have a link shaft I can replace it with if you’d want. Looking for $150, but I’m open to offers. I also have a small ps3/pc hitbox I’m looking to get rid of for around $45. I am looking for a hori fighting edge so I would be willing to trade either towards one, or work something out regardless.


WTB Etokki Omni Sanwa arcade stick

Bump, the Bat top is actually stuck on the link shaft, and I can’t get it off…so I’d be willing to take it down a bit since I no a lot of people don’t like bat tops…


Pm sent


Still available?


Pretty good deal man. Omni + Link + Art + 2 balltops for 200$? Lol dayum, GLWS!



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Did you remove one of the buttons to put a neutrik jack? If so, would you still need to hold down the turbo button to switch systems?


This used to be mine but then I sold to Woop mr fresh and ii believe he lust ps360 PCB in it after I drilled for neutrik…then Ribu got from him… but I could be wrong on PCB…


Yes one of the back buttons has been removed and replaced… I had to rewire it a bit, and you need to hold down the select button to switch systems…
On the back the buttons go:

Select, Start, Home


Is this the newest revision where you can put the korean plexi on?


Newest revision has noir layout this is actually first run of the omni…


Bump…I got the bat top off so the link shaft is pretty much usable again…


nice man. im interested in gettin this.


Sorry to bump this again. some stuff came up so I wasn’t able to afford mailing the stick out so I kind of let this drop off…

Anyways I’d like to try and sell/ trade off towards another stick. Just pm me if interested to work something out…


Had I a bit of disposable income I would jump on this beauty. Good luck on the sale.


Bump…Whoever buys this I’m giving the bat top and the two ball tops with, forgot to add that in lol…


Bump. Looking to trade this off for another stick, nothing too much in particular outside of it being dual-modded. If you have something with a wooden case that’d be cash, but I’m not picky…


Bump, Looking to sell/trade stick again. Also looking to sell a copy of JoJo’s ASB as well…


What stick are you looking for? I have an American stick. A Sf2 anniversary stick I modded I am looking to get rid of.


I’m not looking for anything in particular, just seeing what people would be willing to trade.

Willing to trade/sell of the stick at a value of $170.