WTT/WTS Games, Arcade Sticks Systems, Etc

I have the following games for trade of for Sale

GT5 $20.0
Bioshock (no case) $15.00

Hori Fighting Stick 3 $35.00


High Box $40.00

Eye Toy Grove $10.00
Japanese Fat PS2 System (mint) $85.00
Tekken 4 arcade stick PCB $10.00

PlayStation system the big one (100% working) $20.00
Includes wires and one Dual Shock Controller.

Sega Saturn Pad, the nice one for fighters. $10.00


Push $12.00
My Bloody Valentine $12.00

I will also consider trades for Other games accessories or blurays, so let me know what you guys have, will pay or receive extra cash if need it,
Games $5.00 shipped
Systems and aracde Sticks $10.00 -$15.00 shipped


hey if you cant get on here ebay has a few for 30 shipped

or amazon new for 37 free shipping eb used 33

if that helps any

Thank you, lets see what happen in the next hrs.

Bump, still looking.

Last bump Tekken 6 added, will also sell tekken 6 for $55.00 shipped or re5 + $30.00

RE5 found, games still for Trade. I will take everything but PSP games for trade and some cash if Needed.

Do jap ps2’s play american movies? I could use a cheap dvd player…

No it doesn’t, wal-mart has cheap DVD players for 30 bucks, I don’t know how much cheap for you will be?
but my system is $100.00 USD worth.

What about the FS3, do you have a price in mind?

According to eBay they go for $50 to $60 shipped.

How much you want for GT5:Prolouge?

$25.00 shipped

Free bump, got Tekken 6 from him and he was able to ship it out a day after we set the trade up via UPS with tracking info!

What are you looking for?

Arcade Parts, Arcade Sticks, Games, Vintage Games, iPods, Cash etc…

I have the collectors edition BB (360/A+ condition) for trade, but you have a PS3. Anyway, to the top for some quality items.

What would you like to trade BB for?

Bump, High Box and LG cellphone added.

Bump, Tekken 4 arcade stick PCB , And Hori T5 arcade stick added.