WTT/WTS: have Valkyrie Profile, want (list)

I have VP for PSP, and I want either:

  • Jeanne D’Arc for PSP or
  • DJ Max Portable 1 or
  • DJ Max Portable 2 or
  • Legend of Heroes 1,2,3 PSP or
  • Tales of Eternia PSP, or
  • 4GB memory card

If you want to straight up buy it, it’s 45 bucks cheque shipping incl.

I have the case, booklet, and the UMD. Game is scratch free, plays, and basically is mint condition. I have no photo, sorry.

Post offer here in this thread if you don’t have those or don’t want to give them up. I like Japanese/Korean/American comic books and DS games too. PM me for phone number(area code 714) or mailing address. If you frequent Hawaiian Brian’s Billiard, I don’t mind trading irl.

45 R U Joking thats more than game stop sells it new!

Gamestop’s price changes all the time. I got it at 40, I want to cover shipping. If you can find it at gamestop, by all means. I’m not gonna lose money selling this game.