WTT/WTS: HORI V3SA w/Extras - WTB: Fighting Edge Parts

HORI V3-SA for sale. Used for about 3 months. Comes with an Astro player 2 (6 button) replacement top panel and plexi made by blklightning21. You’ll also get the original HORI top panel (carefully removed and stored in bubble-wrap from day 1). The purple parts are what I used; <b>you’ll get the original white ball-top and buttons</b>.<br>
Asking for $115 shipped CONUS. Looking to trade(+cash if necessary) for one of the larger sticks VS, Fighting Edge, or custom.<br>
Stick with Astro panel<br>
<img src=“http://yfrog.com/scaled/landing/43/iski.jpg” alt=“iski.jpg” class=“bbcode_img”><br>
Original top panel, stored on day 1 (no cuts, tears)<br>
<img src=“http://yfrog.com/scaled/landing/19/irsl.jpg” alt=“irsl.jpg” class=“bbcode_img”><br>
Original box<br>
<img src=“http://yfrog.com/scaled/landing/849/1ch.jpg” alt=“1ch.jpg” class=“bbcode_img”><br>
You can check my yfrog for larger pictures: <a href=“http://twitter.yfrog.com/user/chaoslimits/profile” rel=“nofollow” class=“bbcode_url”>http://twitter.yfrog.com/user/chaoslimits/profile</a>

WTB: Looking for Hori Fighting Edge parts as well.

Pics of the TE panel?

Pics added.

I wouldve taken the panel if it was 6 button

I usually had plugs in the last too myself lol.

Good luck with your sale dude

You selling the panel separately?

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The price seems a bit steep for a used stick and people on SRK are cheap they wouldnt even buy a 120 Dual modded qanba stick i was selling

150 shipped, if you factor in the cost of the replacement panel and shipping, means the stick is less than $80 (I’ve had it less than 6 months). I’d, respectfully, disagree about it being too expensive. LOL at that yipes picture.

I’d prefer for both to go to the same buyer. If I can’t sell it, I’d prefer not to have to play on vewlix. Will let you know if I change my mind; I have the pm from you.

how much for just the plexi?

For the Hori or Madcatz? Cos I’m not selling the HORI one separately.

the TE Panel and Plexi is both for 45$ ? can’t get lower?

Did you get my pm?

HORI V3SA sold on Ebay.

Madcatz panel going to @catalan

SMH. V3SA still available. Ebay buyer is now backing out. Will redo OP.

still waiting on a response to my pm regarding the panel i bought from you

Pm responded. Sorry for the delay.

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V3SA still available.

V3SA, panel and plexi still available. Make an offer or if you’ve got something to trade let me know.