WTT/WTS lot a stuff

Hori Real Arcade Stick-mirror top
$100.00 shipped
PS2 Street Fighter III-reprint version new
25.00 shipped

you mean the hookup cables? If so ill take that T4 stick off your hands. do you have pics?

Yeah, The hookup cables, how much?


I don’t have the cables on me right now. But we got a store here that has old school gaming stuff they sell. I’ve seen them sell the cables for NES up to PS2. I can go take a look today. Is the 32X cable different?

If the tekken stick is still up for grabs what would want for it and the sfac stick?

what do you have?

Found it.

would you trade a hori ex2 for the tekken 4 ?

nah, I have two all ready, but am looking for a Sega Saturn pad black for PS2 and a working SEGA CDX

The dual shock PCBs, are they series A or H?

H series.

do you have a list of things your looking for?

Sega CDX
Sega Saturn pad for PS2 (black)

u want a sega CDX? is that the ne that sits to the side of the sega genesis or the one that sits under.

Also looking for SFAC the Korean version for PS2.

you wanna sell that third strike seperately…? does it have the case and manual and all?

ill give you 25 shipped for it if it isnt the “playstation the BEST” collection

lol, It is the best collection, I also have the first Print of 3s, Is not fo sale, and I will never give it up for only $25.00 :lol:


The reg. PSX pads… what series?