WTT/WTS : Madcatz VS SE for Razer Atrox/Red Matcatz TE and Injustice Stick (all xbox) Preferably NY

Hey all, just looking to make adjustments to my collection.
I’m looking to trade my MadCatz VS Silent Edition (xbox, perfect condition barely used) for a Razer Atrox
I love my SE but I’d really like to use the Atrox a bit
It is in perfect condition all the cables and box included
No damages, no drops or hits, barely used.

I’d like the Atrox to be in the same condition.

I still have the boxes for each of them.
The Injustice Stick was used only once to test buttons. I have the box. No damage at all whatsoever.
The Red Fightstick pro was used for about a month. Box Included. I did however open to change the select button to the 4th punch button and the star button to the 4th kick button.
If you’d like I can easily return them to their respective places.
There are a couple of scratches that aren’t even noticeable but the main issue is there is an air bubble on the art I’ll post pictures soon. Otherwise the stick looks pretty good.

I’d like 100 for the Injustice Stick but if that’s high I can vary it around.
I’d like 160 since it’s limited edition but if you’re not a collector I’ll try to lower the price.
I’ll sell them together for 160. 50 bones off isn’t bad at all.
Red SFxT (Temporarily Unavailable)


Weird air bubble



I have a Razor Atrox which is in good condition. I just had it dual modded to work on the Xbox one (done by Gummowned at NEC) and instead of the normal wiring Gummowned installed a RJ45 wire. It currently has silent buttons on it but I also have the original buttons and box as well. I’m interested in trading or buying your VS SH.

Just a couple of questions.
Do you have any photos?
Does it have any damages?
Where do you live?

No damages at all and I can send you photos of everything. I live in Northern Jersey but can meet up in NY. do you have an email so I can take pics from my phone and send them to you.