WTT/WTS PAEWANG BUNDLE and 2 namco guncom2 guns usa (EBAY)

Hello SRK.
I am trading a Hrap ps3 pcb (detachable usb cable no wires for buttons ) (

a xbox 360 fight pad pcb

3ds (priority medium)
Zelda Skyward sword (collectors ed wanted most)
Zelda Minish Cap
Zelda four swords (all console variants)
Zelda OoT (all console versions) ( I have the goty version if you have a better box ill take that too as well as an original cib OoT
zelda a link to the past
Zelda oracle of seasons
Links awakening (every console version)
The adventure of link (only nes one) (if u gave the gba case though ill take it)
Zelda majoras mask
The adventure of zelda (Nes case or gba case only) (I own both versions of this game)
Zelda Twilight princess Old wii case and game cube version
Zelda Wind waker
replacement 72 pins for nes
All remakes of old Zelda games

Any zelda game cases (COMPLETE AND GOOD CONDITION PLEASE) but if you only have lets say the box or only the book i will still think about it depending on the condition.
Zelda Manga
Zelda strategy guides
Zelda Game boy sp
Zelda Ds
Zelda 3ds
Official Nintendo Zelda sound tracks

Pics will be up tomorrow. PM me for details and make offers. please send a pic of the barcode so that i may verify that your ds is in fact in the program. also pics of the game work too.
I am also thinking of selling my games so i may purchase zelda games on ebay or something pm me if you would be interested in buying some of my stuff

(edited wants)


sorryI meant to upload them yesterday. Ill have them up soon


added albert odyssey and priority on my wants (not that the priority rating matters)

hori stick trade pending and screws and turbo panel will be included so still make offers just in case.

Hori stick traded and added to want list and put up potential paewang pcb with sanwa parts.

Let me guess you’re a Zelda fan lol Nice stuff Good luck with the trades :tup:

Thanks man. and yeah Ive always been a big zelda fan and i figured its time to start getting all these games again

added sale options
and paewang sanwa game bundle

Added prices

Put up on ebay

Did you get the pm I sent you?