WTT/WTS: seimitsu ps-14-kn's, ff7 black label & more


Alright, i’m looking for a hori ps2 stick, bet it hrap1/2/tekken 5 stick, whatever. perhaps an hrap3 ex, ex-se, vs-sa as well…just let me know what you have and we can work something out i’m sure! also looking for a ps2 to usb adapter, as well. thanks!

things i have for sale and/or trade: prices are not firm so feel free to PM me an offer if you wish.

8x ps-14-kn translucent white/clear seimitsu pushbuttons - $20 shipped (ON HOLD)

6x ps-14-kn translucent blue seimitsu bushbuttons - $18 shipped (ON HOLD)

2 35mm balltops (RED ON HOLD)

stock buttons from an HRAP3(ON HOLD)

http://i.imgur.com/iA8qf.jpg (only 6 pictured as other 2 are placeholding in my stick until i get plugs but there are 8 30mm snap-ins)

Final Fantasy 7 black label(manual is missing but otherwise it is in near-mint condition) - $35 shipped

Final Fantasy 6: advance - GBA - $20 shipped

Deathsmiles Limited Edition - xbox 360 - $20 shipped

pictures available upon request for other things:

Megaman 3 - NES - $12 shipped

Dragon Warrior - NES - $6 shipped

Super Puzzle Fighter 2: Turbo - Sega Saturn(really good condition, one of the case hinges is broken, however) - $20 shipped (ON HOLD)

Club Nintendo Zelda 3 poster set

Super Mario Galaxy commemorative launch coins…i have like 20 of these things >:/


You should set a price on the games. Mods gave me a warning when I did this once.


alright, thanks. sorry about that.


Pm’d about the seimitsus.


Is Puzzle Fighter US version?

Also how much for the Hori stock buttons?


puzzle fighter is US version, yeah. also not sure…7+shipping?




responded to all pm’s




Price/Pics on Zelda posters?


would you be willing to trade for the semestu buttons.


pm’d everyone




shipped your stuff today.




PM sent!


Got the goods today thanks. Free bump