WTT/WTS Shure PGX24 Mic

This is probably a wierd item to put on here, but here’s hoping there’s some Dj or Tourny director who could use one. This is a used (SM58)wireless mic not dropped no dents with kit and power supply can provide mic clip and cables that you may need. This unit works perfect only used about 4 times for small periods. I have no need so would like to trade for any stick related items just let me know what you have.

I’d sell for $150 paypal only us only.


I’ve done dozens of transactions here I don’t think my old feedback threads are still here but I could look and if you need a pic just let me know.

NICE! I’m interested. What kind of stick related items you looking for? I’ve got the SFAC sticks with happ parts in them, but no PCB’s inside for starters, I think I have an extra stock agetec dreamcast stick.

Looking more along the lines of japanese parts, buttons and sticks ls-32 or jlf’s ,pcb’s,cases any HRAP not really interested in anything like SE’s, Hori FS3. I have no need for an agetec stock stick as I don’t touch my Dreamcast anymore thanks though. Sorry should have been more specific. Do you have anything along those lines?

Oh alright, that gives me more information to go on. I’ve got a seimitsu LS-33 joystick with square and octagonal gates. Interested in some MC Cthulhu PCB’s? Maybe we can work out a trade +Ca$h? I’ll keep digging through my shit see if I can find anymore Japanese stuff. CHEERS!



Mods please close trade has been completed thanks again Truckasaurus.