WTT/WTS Street Fighter IV FightStick

Preferably looking to trade the Street Fighter IV FightStick **WITHOUT ** buttons or a stick for some clear Sanwa snap ins. Looking for 6 30mm snap ins clear and 3 24mm snap ins clear (no solder. going to use QD’s). Also looking for a clear balltop. I’ve only had the Fightstick for about 1 week so it is in mint condition. Modded it with new sanwa buttons and new jlf but going to move it to another stick. Still has stock PCB. I added some new art to it. Still have the original box in really mint condition. Here are some pictures.

How much would you take for it in $$$?

If you’re going to sell the stick, you’ll have to post a price. Just a heads up.

Oh damn I thought I had posted the price. Just posted the WTT deal. Um I would take $30+shipping OBO for the stick. Accepting trades as well. (first post)

Gone. Traded. Thanks for looking

Just an FYI. Sanwa to my knowledge never made clear snap ins. If you are talking about the clear plunger Sanwa screw ins those have been discontinued for many years, and last time I saw them the person selling wanted about $100 for 6 buttons… and they sold.

Yeah I miss posted. I mean to say some clear buttons in general. I got some and switched the switches out with some Sanwa micro switches. And they feel fantastic. Thanks for the info rtdzign. I had no idea sanwa stopped production with those.