WTT XBONE for Naomi --WTS sticks, CronusMax, various non-FG stuff


Interested in swapping an extremely lightly used XBONE Day One Edition with all card board, instructions, twist ties, plastic bags, etc for a complete Naomi set up. That’s a working system, IO board, power supply, netDIMM.

I will be putting up some more stuff in the next couple of days.

TEFIGHTSTANDS fight stand, with 640 watt Jensen amp, 15" polypropylene subwoofer built in with 12" passive radiator, 46" Seiki 1080p 120hz LCD/LED and LCD stand, 40" Vizio soundbar and mount. $700 local pickup only.



49 way joystick used. $35 shipped lower 48 states. No pics.

Dreamcast Dragoncast stick, unmodded. $20 shipped to lower 48 states.

Cronus-MAX, $70 shipped to lower 48 states.

Non-fighting games stuff:

RROD 360s. Console only. Have not been tested. Never found the time to fix them, will throw in an RROD kit. $25 shipped to lower 48 states.

Dre’s Beatbox Portable, non-lightning connector, great condition (ended up using my Sony iPod tower more as it’s louder and the kids love the neon speakers). Box immaculate. $150 shipped lower 48 states.



OCZ Neutrino 10.2" net book. Needs an OS. $50 shipped lower 48 states.


Benq 17" 4:3 LCD: $10 local pick up only.


Scepter 17" widescreen 720p LCD on an aftermarket mount. $25. Local pick up only. No pics.

15" unbranded 300 watt polypropylene subwoofer in a carpeted box. Sony Xplod 600 watt amp. $75. Local pick up only. No pics.

Dual 15" unbranded 300 watts each polypropylene subwoofers in a carpeted, ported box. Planet Audio 1000 watt car amp. $150. Local pick up only. No pics.

8" Tang subwoofer in ported box with a Dayton Audio 75 watt home amplifier. $50. Local pick up only. No pics.

Sony Xperia Z Ultra. Screen cracked, but flawless otherwise. Unlocked international GSM version that will work on either the AT&T or T-Mobile networks. $250 shipped to lower 48 states.

More to come…

2 X MCZ TE2 KI Edition
2 X PDP MK Klassic sticks
NGX Gold Limited Edition console
2 X NGX sticks
Stock SE stick
SE case




All PMs responded to. 2nd player KI stick is tentatively spoken for.


No way you would ship any of this stuff to Canada?


I’ll have to look into shipping up north. Never done it but will be willing to if the price isn’t exorbitant. Do you have any recommendations for a good, cheap shipping service to you?


My god so much good stuff O_o

By empty SE box do you mean the cardboard box or the stick shell?


I made the mistake of buying a Mazda rotary as my commuter vehicle. Gotta offload to afford my engine rebuild cost that I wasn’t (but should have been) expecting.


Stick shell, I had replaced the stock MCZ parts with Sanwa before.


One of the KI sticks sold.


Sweet PM’ed


SE box/shell tentatively spoken for.


Unmodded SE sold, 1st post updated.


If that SE shell sale falls through, holla.


SE shell sold.


PM sent


PMs responded to. Please read the ad, I don’t like being PMd with questions that are in the first three lines of the ad.


Both KI sticks sold.


Bump for WTT item.