WTT: Xbox 360 for PS3

I have an Xbox 360 that I would like to trade for a PS3. It’s a core unit but it has a 20 gig hard drive that I bought. It comes with one wired controller and the Hori EX2 fighting stick. As far as games, I have GTA IV and Dead Rising. I also have Castlevania: SOTN, Contra, Geometry Wars, Hexic HD, Rez HD, Street Fighter II HF, TMNT The Arcade Game, UMK 3, and WOTB: Commando 3 (w/ SF 2 HD demo) on the hard drive as well as Guilty Gear X2 #Reload for the original Xbox.

I’m looking for a PS3, any model but preferably one with backwards compatibility, one controller, and all the necessary cables. I’m willing to negotiate further. PM me. Thanks.

edit: The system is in perfect condition, comes with the box, and hasn’t red ringed in the year and a half or so I’ve had it.