WTT: Xbox 360 Stick for PS3 Stick

So I Have too many xbox 360 sticks, and no PS3 Sticks, so id like to swap

Id Like to Trade My SF SE Fightstick with White Sanwas and 2 button Plugs (Stock Joystick, But Later Model, Never gave me problems.) In Near Perfect Condition.


Large size:


Large size:


Taking offers on trades, any decent PS3 Sticks.

Im Also interested in Tekken 6 and SFIV Posters.

Thank You.


I have a Hori Real Arcade 3 for the PS3 if your willing to trade something else for that you got yourself a deal. Its modded with x8 30mm Sanwa Dark Hai’s and x2 24mm white Semitius.

Im interested, ill get back to you.

pm sent


pm sent

Bump, Still Looking for a PS3 Stick.